Harriet is a dedicated trainer whose main focus is creating a better you. Whether your focus is weight loss; decreasing back, neck or hip pain; pre or post natal fitness; or strength and conditioning training.


Harriet has been in the fitness industry since 2011 and is always looking to enhance her skills by completing additional qualifications. To date Harriet is a level 3 personal trainer with qualifications in GP referral, Pre and Postnatal, TRX, Kettlebells, Les Mills GRIT, Gym Based Boxing and Studio Cycling. All of these qualifications allow her to create fun and unique training sessions for clients, that are compliant with individual needs. 


Harriet offers the option of at home training, training outside or training at her studio based in East Dulwich, to fit around your personal schedule. 






Hazel Devoy

Having used Harriet as a personal trainer for both rehabilitation and personal training purposes to great effect, I would strongly recommend her. Harriet is reliable, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her subject and is willing to go the “extra mile” for you. She puts a lot of thought and effort into her sessions and knows exactly how far to push you to get the best result but also when to regress the programme if she feels that it is required.


Diana Brooks

Harriet has been my personal trainer for three years. She has a very pleasing, friendly personality, is an excellent communicator and always explains clearly what she expects of me. She demonstrates the exercises very accurately and is always aware of my physical development and limitations. She strikes a good balance between cardiac fitness, coordination, flexibility, and muscle strength.


Frank Devoy

After 20 years of suffering from back and neck issues requiring regular attention from a chiropractor, Harriet identified the underlying biomechanical issues and devised a set of exercises which made an immediate and noticeable impact. I have continued to progress and the results have been nothing short of life changing. She is great to work with, listens well and is able to use different motivational styles for different clients. She is the best PT I have ever worked with.


Susie Lamb

Harriet is a fantastic personal trainer! I have been taking Harriet’s classes and training with her for around two years and my overall fitness and strength have improved hugely over that time thanks to her. She has introduced me to numerous difference exercises, such as weight training, that I would never have tried before training with her. She is constantly checking my form and helping me to improve and prevent injury. Harriet always pushes me to go further, she is a great motivator and always keeps sessions fun and enjoyable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Harriet to anyone!!


Katy Niker

I came to Harriet 2 years ago, having done very little exercise for some years whilst juggling work and young children.

She has been fantastic at encouraging me and pushing my body just the right amount, to bring both my fitness and strength level back to better than it was was pre-children.  

I can now do full press-ups for the first time in my life!

Her constant attention to my technique means that I am always doing the exercises correctly, which gave me great confidence when doing it on my own.


Suzy Petts

I am very pleased with what Harriet has done to help me achieve my health goals. Harriet is very attentive to my individual needs and she structures my exercises accordingly. She motivates me and helps me understand each exercise and the reasons for including it in my regime.

I have found Harriet to be a friendly, reliable professional who is genuinely concerned about the physical and mental wellbeing of her clients and achieving long term health benefits.

On the business side, Harriet has always been on time for our sessions and has always been flexible by accommodating my schedules when I have had to change days or times to suit my work arrangements. I would recommend Harriet to anyone who is looking for a professional, knowledgeable personal trainer whatever their goals.



21 Blackwater Street,

East Dulwich,


SE22 8RS



  • Peckham Rye

  • Brockwell Park

  • Clapham Common

  • Vauxhall Park

  • Ruskin Park

  • Kennington



MOBILE NUMBER: 07491987595

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